About me

Wanderlusting foodie..it would not be inappropriate if I changed my name to that! The two aspects of my personality that define me..travel and food! I have an insatiable appetite for both and would love to spend my life exploring them.

My love for food and cooking started at about 8 when I used to make Cheese Bhelpuri for my family way before fusion food was a thing in the world! It has only grown deeper and stronger as I progressed to being able to use a gas stove or oven to experiment!

This blog is my humble, not so regular (hope this will change) attempt to share my discoveries, my adventures, my mishaps with food; not just in my kitchen, but on my plate as I eat my way around India and the world.

I share this space with my spirited, spunky sister Towharmony and together we invite you join us on our edible adventures, try them in your kitchens and share your experiences with us!

You can also follow me on Instagram where I post much more frequently  http://instagram.com/dwithiya/ 

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