Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mumbai through my stomach!

I moved out of Mumbai a couple of months back and I have been wanting to write an ode to this wonderful city ever since. So the part of me that was happiest in Mumbai was my stomach..well to be honest, my tongue. My stomach was just an innocent bystander/victim most of the time.

Below is a list of the most fantastic things I have tasted in the city of dreams:

1) Seafood:  The freshest, yummiest fish and prawns I have ever tasted. True that I lived almost in a fish market, but fish anywhere in Mumbai is fabulous. My two favourite haunts to eat fish were Ratnagiri in Chembur and Mahesh Lunch home at Fort.
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 2) Vada Pav : This humble little snack packs a huge punch. The piping hot vada, the soft buttered pav, the garlic chutney, and the pungent green chilli that's thrown in with it. To me a vada pav is the gastronomical representation of the city. Fiery, fast and fabulous.

3)Mohammed Ali Road: Being a Hyderabadi, Ramzan has always been special for me, and I wanted to see how Mumbai celebrated the festival. It was literally a sensory overload...unimaginable parts of various animals being spiced, fried up and offered to you. It is definitely not for the faint hearted.  The desserts however are for everyone.. the best Phirnee and mava jalebis in the world. Make sure some one gets you these from there, even if you cant/dont want to go.
4)Fruit Cream: This just might be the most calorie ridden thing I have ever eaten but it is near the top on the list of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. It is sold in a tiny shop; Haji Ali Juice Centre, right outside Haji Ali. The freshest fruits; strawberries. litchies, mangoes, apples dunked in rich cream. Its a must do.

5) Britannia: Its not a restaurant, its a time machine. A wrinkly old man to take your order, raspberry soda, kheema pulao, dhansak and the famous berry pulao. Its unpretentious, simple and warm and friendly. Let them help you order. My favourite part is their slogan ' There is no love greater than the love of eating'

6) Candies:  The food is nothing much to write home about but there is a salad bar that I adore. At 100 bucks a serving, its good for your tongue, good for your wallet and good for your waistline. Candies is also a beautiful, green palce to chill out all day long. Its really a haven hidden in the bylanes of bustling, frantic Mumbai.


  1. I love this post!! :D :D So well written!

    For stomach happy means you happy :D

    I have never been to candies. :( :(
    Hopefully soon :) :*

  2. Yes babe! My tongue adores Mumbai too especially coming from primarily vegetarian Ahmedabad!

    Love the post!