Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our little vegetable patch!!

Our first little baby Brinjal

Close up!
Newest addition to our garden! Aaloo!!


More Chilli

Tomatoes! We harvested truckloads of them!!

Mom and I are so so proud of the beautiful shiny vegetables we are growing. It has been a lifelong dream for both; to run out to the garden pluck a tomato and chop it up and throw it into a fresh boiling rasam!!

We are loving it!!!


  1. Complete farmer family we are now!! :D

    LOVING it and Sharing it :D

  2. What a proud moment it must be :)

  3. wow!! I love the idea of running out to the garden to puck tomatoes for rasam!! They all look so amazing D! I want to have a tiny vegitable patch at home but I need a lot of help learning to do it. Any idea if anyone can help?

    1. We didnt get any professional help A! We just bought seeds and sowed! Just to start yourself off herbs are really easy to grow! Just throw a few coriander seeds in a pot of mud and watch them grow!!

      Tomatoes grow really easily too! im sure google can help actually!