Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SO- Restaurant Review

My darling Yah-Yah! and I went to SO (not a big fan of the name) on a Monday evening that was perfect for a meal outdoors. SO is a delightful roof top restaurant with lots of lovely green plants that block your view of the buildings nearby, but provide a romantic view of the city from afar.

So, here's how SO fared on my three parameters

1) How it looked: The place is stunning. Easy, rustic furniture, tables spaced a good distance away from each other so you don't overhear conversations from the other table, but you also don't learn what to or what not to order from them ;) Love the use of greenery to provide privacy to their diners, and candles and low lighting make it a perfect 'date restaurant'

2) How it tasted: We started our meal with a Pomegranate Mojito and a Mint Julep. Both well made yummy drinks.We moved on to the Dips Platter just to keep up our energy to gossip while we sipped our drinks. P was disappointed in a particular dip which was 'supposed' to be an avacado dip but she was sure that it was Bechamel sauce with some greens blended in, AND it was warm. The hummus and the salsa however were hits with us.
Considering that it is summer, we decided to go the salad way for main course and ordered the Moroccan soul and Thai Chicken salad. Moroccan soul was tabouleh with grilled aubergines, I loved how it tasted but was disappointed that a tabouleh was served warm. The main reason I ordered a salad was so that I could have a cold main course. The Thai Chicken was cold and excellent. Nice well balanced flavours.Both portion sizes adequate for a meal.
For dessert we had the in house gelatos; Chickoo and Fig. We both liked the Chickoo better than the fig, delicately flavoured, just the right amount of sweetness, a fabulous finale to a lovely meal.

Overall definitely a place I would like to come back to and explore the menu some more.

3) How they made us feel: Service is excellent. Friendly, attentive but non intrusive staff. Our glasses were filled with water at the right times and dishes explained to us accurately. SO is a little pricey in terms of value for money, but I think the ambiance makes it worth your pennies.

The final verdict on SO: 3.5 out of 5

Both pictures are from the restaurants website


  1. Are these pavam's also called "not just so"?

    Sounds nice!! Must go. :D

    1. No ya! They are called SO only!!

      We go when you come the next time!!

  2. :):)... Sounds really nice and I can almost feel the ambience with the evening breeze and just green instead of grey all around...

    I am definitely trying this place :)

    1. Go go! Especially in one of these beautiful cloudy days we seem to be having these days!!