Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boozy Chocolate mousse

I shared the best meal of my life with my sister which also consisted of the best ever chocolate mousse and  I just  had to replicate it.

Now I know how to make a mousse with eggs..but I had neither the patience nor the right apparatus for the separating and beating of egg whites that it requires. So I turned to the only person I do for the solution to any dessert dilemma...Nigella Lawson ( And boy did she have the answer. The recipe and the picture are straight from her website, except that I substituted the water with some good whiskey.

You will need:

150gms Marshmallows
250gms dark unsweetened chocolate chips
50gms butter
250ml of fresh cream
1tbsp vanilla essence
4tbsp warm water (or whiskey as I used)


Put the marshmallows, chocolate chips and butter along with the whiskey  in a roomy nonstick panand heat. Let it all melt together beautifully. The marshmallows will melt last, resisting a little but eventually surrendering to chocolate. Turn off the heat and let it cool to room temperature. While this is happening, beat the cream with the vanilla essence ( preferably use a hand blender) to firm peaks. If you want to do it by hand like I did, you need a lot of patience and very strong shoulders. :D

After this done, gently fold the chocolate mixture into the cream and vanilla. If everything was done right it should be ready to eat right away but if your mixture is a little soupy (like mine was) then fret not. Just pop it into the fridge for an hour and you are set.

Garnish with grated white chocolate or a dollop of whipped cream or just enjoy these dusky delights just as they are!!


  1. Now that sounded yummy! :| i want!! :| I cant attempt cause that will be a disaster! :|
    BUT! beautifully written blog! made me wish i was there! :D
    Keep cooking!! :D

  2. Must try it!!

    I am wondering how i read the post before this and the post after this but missed one!! Hmm.. i must taste your version!