Sunday, April 25, 2010

There is no greater love than the love of eating!! :)

My darling sent me a link to a list that someone started of 1000 awesome things and stuff gets added to it everyday!..I thought it was an absolutely delightful idea and that I should make my know to get in touch with things I care about. But somehow I got distracted and started making a list of awesome things to eat..the essence of the list however remains the same..things i care about ;)

1) Panipuri in the rain..the hot chholle with the cold tangy minty pani..goes straight to your tequila shots in crunchy edible shot glasses!

2)Mango ice cream with slices of freshly cut juicy mangoes..mangorgasmic!

3) Hot crispy jalebis dunked in cold saffrony rasmalai.

4) Eating  with your hands on a bright green banana leaf, sparkly white rice, with fragrant yellow dal and ghee and moms aaloo fry.

5) Luscious dark dark chocolate, melting in your fingertips as you eat it, and then licking  your fingers clean cos its too beautiful to let go of even a bite.

6)Crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, meaty olives, and crunchy corn all tossed together in a tangy lemon dressing and topped with crumbly feta after a long hot summer day!

7) Butta/corn roasted on hot coals, smeared with tangy spicy mixture of salt, red chilli and lemon juice..

8)Spanish omelet, cheese omelet, or a regular masala omelet that you find on the roadside or on highways with loads of tiny green chillies and ketchup from a squeezy bottle!..

9) Bandi chinese food...with the curry leaves, the haldi and way too much chilli powder..Eyes watering, nose leaking, hiccuping fabulousness!

10) Ice gola on the streets..trying a new flavour each time, sluroing loudly and seeing whose tongue becomes oranger or purpler..back to school in one long slurp.

This list is not in order of preference nor is it exhaustive..but I have to stop because Im craving some of these now and I have to find a way to devour them.

Please feel free to add to this list..spread the joy!! :)


  1. You made me hungry. :P i love the post!! its muy yummy!! :D and p.s the pictures dont help with the hungry mode :P

  2. :):):) i loveeddd the post .... its superr ... and ICE GOLAA IS JUST THE BESTT :D

  3. i am reading this at 4 in the morning and i have no where to go and eat now! you missed hyderabadi biryani though ;)

  4. I would add Frozen yoghurt from that yummy place whose name i can't remember now

    And Stinky French Camembert melting on your crisp slice of bread

    Loved the post babe and miss eating Panipuris with you girls!